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  • The New Cutting Edge Telematics Company, ATrack Technology Receiving National Award of Outstanding SMEs


October 16, 2016

The New Cutting Edge Telematics Company, ATrack Technology Receiving National Award of Outstanding SMEs





The National Award of Outstanding SMEs awarding ceremony was held yesterday (27th) in Grand Hyatt Taipei. This is a highest honor given to national wide small and medium enterprises, and ATrack Technology Inc. (stock code: 6465) has been recognized by the awarding committee for its outstanding business operation performance. ATrack Technology Inc. was established in 2010 and became public listed company in the year 2015. In a short time span of 6 years, ATrack has already accumulated thousands of customized project experiences, and currently over 140 countries worldwide has adapt to ATrack’s products. In the year of 2016, ATrack has been selected as finalist in the TU-Automotive Award, which is the equivalent of the Oscar Award in the Telematics market, for the category of Best Aftermarket Product/Service. ATrack is expected to be the leading GPS solution provider globally with own ATrack branding image.


Internet of Things (IoT) has been considered as future trend, especially in the telematics field, and GPS tracking products is one of the core technologies for data transmission. With the company motto of “innovation”, “cooperation” and “sharing”, ATrack is dedicated to manufacture and develop GPS trackers with highest stability. Through excellence technical and R&D capabilities, ATrack is able to satisfy their customers by providing versatile monitoring mechanism, customized OEM/ODM products and prompt technical support.


ATrack’s CEO, Mr. Frank Tang, stated that the reason for ATrack to succeed in short period of time is due to the managing concept on internal entrepreneurial culture and sustainable managing environment. ATrack has received the highest honor for National Award of Outstanding SMEs, and will continue to work hard in the telematics field and become the role model for Taiwanese enterprises.


This year’s National Award of Outstanding SMEs is competed by 47 small and medium enterprises and 9 were selected in the end for award recognition. Since the establishment in 2010, ATrack has outperformed its competitors and its products have been adapted by many globally well-known brands, making ATrack the best choice for this Award.